Aging In Place Birmingham Alabama


There is currently a popular trend for the elderly to stay in their homes as they age verses being removed and placed in a retirement home.

The term “aging in place” is defined by “the ability to live in one’s own home and community safely, independently, and comfortably, regardless of age, income, or ability level.

Although depending on the situation. The variations of remodeling needed to accommodate the home owner can range from extensive to inconsequential.

At Precision Tile And Stone I have the expertise when it comes to creating curb less showers that create a convenience in the short term and wheel chair access, should that be necessary later on in life. In order to facilitate such an endeavor. One must be able to understand the methods/skills required to achieve the desired outcome for a long lasting installation. Whether your subfloor is a concrete slab or wood. I can usually make it happen.

If you would like a free consultation. Email or call me to set up an appointment. Attached are a few pictures of a recent Master Bathroom where the footprint was slightly changed to assist in the future possible necessity of wheel chair access.

Tile Showers Cheap


When building a proper tile shower. Be very concerned when going with the cheap price. A lot of money and time goes into creating a proper shower that will be trouble free and enjoyable. Below you will see what the customer received from the low bidder.  The shower wasn’t very old and had mold already building up where it could not be visually detected. Had the shower not leaked. How far would that mold have spread before causing upper respiratory issues to the family?july2016-028

Subway Tile With Dark Grout


I highly recommend if you are going to use white subway tile . You choose white grout. The picture below will show a dark grout used to contrast but the problem is that the quality of subway tile manufactured today is substandard. For one thing the glazing is so thin, that in a wet area such as a shower. You can actually see water wick into the body of the tile in the lower areas of  a shower.

Another factor when choosing dark grout. You will see every imperfection in the poor quality tile that at first glance seems like a great price. White grout will typically mask most of those issues, except the water wicking and showing through the glaze.




Shower Pan Destined To Leak


This shower pan was installed by a “professional  plumber”. It actually passed the city of Hoover’s inspection. They just wanted to see water go down the drain and it not leak. They never took into consideration  all the nail holes being put through the liner on top of the curb.

Once the tile is finished and water runs down the door, hits the curb and soaks in, making its way to the liner. Where is that water going to go? Right through the nail holes and into the wood structure. Once in there, you get mold, termites and rot.

Needless to say after it passed inspection. I tore it out and started over.





Leaking Tile Shower Pan


This shower pan was improperly installed.  Thus causing what appeared to be an aesthetically pleasing tile shower on the outside to fail. As you can see in picture 1. The pan liner isn’t covering the exposed wood, leaving a leak point.

In picture 2 you can see the liner on the right side of the curb was cut also not covering the wood.

Picture 3 is the finished product. The homeowner decided if corners were cut in the pan process, he might as well start over.misc8814-026misc8814-024projects-025


Subway Tile Shower


van-007van-010van-025van-026   Another cultured marble mess that leaked and needed to go. After removing all of the debris and hauling it off. I installed a new shower pan, waterproof backer board system and subway tile with a pebble shower floor. Everything was picked and designed by the homeowner.

I also removed the ceramic tile on the main bath floor and installed porcelain plank wood look-a-like tile with a tight joint, to mimic the look of real wood.

Tile Cracked Over Concrete Slab


The reason that tile will typically crack when its set over a concrete slab is due to the spider cracks forming in a fairly new slab. Or tile setter tiled directly over an expansion joint. The objective is to not directly adhere tile to the concrete.

Install crack suppression over a clean concrete slab and this will keep any small cracks from telegraphing through to the tile. There are many products on the market to achieve the desired results. In this picture I used Custom’s Red Guard. There were only a few spider cracks but for insurance I covered the whole floor



40 Year Old Master Bath


A  40 year old master bath that needed to be updated. The shower pan was failing and the shower was to cramped. I demoed the shower and floor while keeping everything sealed off in order to slow down any dust migration.

The pictures show the drastic difference



What’s Behind Your Cultured Marble Shower Walls


Cultured marble is a fake marble look-alike panel. The floor is one solid piece over a regular vinyl shower pan with a clamping drain assembly. Same type used in tile installations. The problem is the pan usually is laying flat on the subfloor. So over time water pools inside the pan creating a stagnant funky bacteria ridden mess that really smells when the floor is busted out.